Friday, June 30, 2017

Painting the Coast

I have been painting a lot of tropical and beach themes lately. I am also updating my studio and office with coastal décor. Here a few ideas for those of you who were thinking of doing the same (while staying on a reasonable budget).

Tips for Decorating with a Coastal Theme
Select 3-5 Colors - Choose colors that you love the most and carry them throughout the rooms. First determine the tone or value scale you want to use. For example, navy is on the dark side of the scale while lighter blues can be viewed as almost white. Also, keep the level of energy in mind. Gray and lighter blues will have a calming effect, while a combinations of rust, coral, or orange tones will create a sense of energy.
Select a theme - Coastal décor includes anything from lighthouses to tropical fish, lifeguard stands, boats, aquatic birds, and seashells. Plants that grow in warm climates such as hibiscus, orchids, and succulents further define the region. You can mix themes and easily stay with the same color palette.
Use Glass and Shells - Decorating with glass items is an inexpensive and effective way of adding color and transparency. Purchase larger glass containers at your local donation centers and fill them with the shells you collect this summer. Set colored glassware on tabletops for keys or remote controls. Place larger shells on bookshelves.
Use Wood - Wood shelves, driftwood, and barnwood picture frames to give a home a natural appeal. Alter their appearance to suit your decor by staining or painting them black, silver, or gold. Select the correct staining products for each type of wood.
Paint the Walls - Maybe it's time to change your interior wall color or paint an accent wall? Choose your artwork before purchasing gallons of paint. Paint a small area on the wall, and once it's dry, hold your painting next to it. A darker wall color may compete with the mood you are trying to create. I recommend using the color Softer Tan by Sherwin Williams as a great sandy color!

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