Thursday, July 9, 2015

Work-in-Progress Portrait Painting

Far From Home
10x8 Oil on Linen Panel

I finally had the opportunity to attend another figure painting session this week. My, how time flies ... it has been nearly nine months. I felt a little rusty, and also revived. When working from life, the colors are far more vibrant than in photographs, which is always exciting.

I used a limited palette at the studio. It’s easier to bring a smaller selection of tubes when traveling.  They included: burnt sienna, white, black, cadmium yellow, and ultramarine blue. Halfway into painting, I borrowed a pinkish-red tone from Nika’s stash. It proved to be another great color that I had never tried, called Geranium Lake by Holbein. After returning home, I added lighter tones with some different colors.

The other new thing I sampled was a linen panel by Blick Art Supplies. This panel has a nice smooth surface and absorbs paint exceptionally well. I would recommend it for any fine detail work and the canvas was not even toned prior to painting. Check it out > click here

When forming the facial features, I had a few other discoveries. The first was in the nose and the second was in the orbit of the eyes. With the nose, I had been carrying the lighter tones down to the nostrils, which was inaccurate. Now I can see the box shape formed in the highlights. The orbit of the eyes just needed to be larger and darker.

I consider this work a portrait study. Taking an experimental approach, you can easily move forward gathering pertinent information and skill sets, without setting out for an optimal painting. But separating the two objectives can be very tricky. Why leave artwork incomplete, given the number of hours you already have invested? Needless to say, this is still a work-in-progress ;)) 

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