Friday, March 27, 2015

Painting Cat Eyes

11x14 Oil on linen

Her cat painting is now complete. Areas around the face were darkened and I have received approval from the client. Yeah!

Another artist kindly complimented the eyes, so here’s a close-up and a little explanation.
I consider the shapes and variety of colors within the eyes significant, dissecting them from the pupil to the outer boundaries. I look for the subtle changes in the lines and edges. There is black, gray, white, yellow and light to dark blue. The more you examine the individual parts of a subject, the higher your chance of resemblance, which is always my goal with portraits.
My secret formula is this unlimited palette, which goes against most of “The Rules”. Here is one example, finished and framed. (It's easy to get lost, so I don't recommend using this method ) 
Paletteus Maximus
16x20 Oil on glass
The most fulfilling part of commissions is when the recipient is delighted with their painting. I love to create art and cats your way!

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