Thursday, February 5, 2015

Painting a Sequel

20x20 Oil on linen
Original Sold/ Prints Available
I enjoyed painting “Swamp Walker” so much that I decided to make a match. The key to keeping the colors fresh was to mix them first on the palette, rather than blending on the canvas. Much of the time, it was necessary to add two or more coats over a single brush stroke, to obtain the purest form of that pigment. Each layer was dry to touch, before adding the next.
Admittedly, the last four paintings began without much of a plan, except to have the Egrets appear realistic, be of similar size, and surrounded by a colorful abstract/impressionistic background. I wanted to create enough variation in the sets and loosely define elements of a tropical climate. Between imagined palm trees, water, sunshine, and vegetation, ideas evolved during the process… also known as winging it ;)

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