Monday, January 19, 2015

Designing a Custom Painting - Take Two

20x20 Oil on Linen
Original Sold/ Prints Available/ Click Title
This is the progress of the second commissioned painting. I applied varying lengths of diagonal brush strokes including pale blue, green, and white, in the direction of the perceived light source. Additionally, I used less purple in the background, since it is a primary color forming the bird's body and wings. The suggestion of a palm tree adds to the tropical island theme that I was trying to create.

When viewed together, they appear to connect and complement each other. 
I have received approval for both paintings and will fly them to SoFlo when the paint dries! 


  1. Nice job Eve. You did an outstanding job on the feathers in flight.

  2. Thank you, Capt. Brian! The reference image was very helpful.


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