Monday, November 24, 2014

Work in Progress - Cat Painting

This is my current work in progress, painted on an 8x10 Ampersand gessobord. Here is the first layer of oils applied over the base coat. I will let this dry for a few days and change the areas I think need improvement. I find that overworking oils causes the colors to mix and turn into grey, so I try to stop painting at the instinctive moment when mud is about to occur. There are times when you want to achieve that effect, but in this case, I envision a combination of true colors with minimal blending. 
My plan going forward:
Focal point- Further defining the cat’s face and paws by adding another layer of pure white
Body details– Emphasize the direction and details of the fur
Color and value – Painting additional cool tones in the background, while darkening selected areas around the body
This is the process I typically use, as you have seen in my previous WIP posts. There is the base coat, initial layer, and additional layers until complete. Evaluation occurs over a period of several days for small paintings and often a month or longer for larger works.
Whenever I paint a dog, I can almost hear the faint meow of a cat. It’s been said … behind every wide-eyed fluffy dog is a couch-cuddling sleeping cat –
or maybe two??


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