Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Swatch Dog

Sold~ Commissioned Painting
11x14 Oil on Canvas
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This cute little dog is my latest commissioned painting. I received approval from the client last week. It will be given as a gift to the owners of Maggie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier, who is also a service dog.  She takes her job of making hospitalized patients smile… very seriously! She even made me smile, the entire time I painted her.
Before starting, my client and I discussed the painting size, orientation, and background colors. Due to Maggie’s small size in real life, we opted for an 11x14 vertical format, rather than a larger canvas.
One of our challenges was the reference photographs. They were cell phone files which showed great color, but lacked detail when enlarged. But since this is a surprise for the owners, asking for additional pictures from them was not an option. So, you use what you have and give it a try!

This was our selection. We liked her facial expression and sitting position.
( pixel dimensions 480x640)

The background colors were matched to fabric swatches from the client’s home.
When painting someone’s pet, I try to capture that animal’s colors and characteristics with a close resemblance. Owners look for those subtle details that define their special personalities. Additionally, the background colors are essential to the overall appeal of this painting. They effectively coordinate Maggie to her home environment. (I hope the owners like it!)

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