Monday, August 11, 2014

WIP Lazy Horse

Work in Progress
11x14 Oil on Panel

This is my latest oil painting in progress, still inspired by the southwest. I saw this single horse cooling in the sand, near Kolob Terrace Road, Utah. Although it’s not a landscape, the colors remind me of the region, with the red, orange, and turquoise tones. From this point, I plan to sharpen the details of the horse, by adding even more contrast. 

I have a few lovely artist friends who prefer loose paintings, with bold and random brush strokes. Funny how I can almost hear their voices saying, "Hold your horses and stop while you're ahead!". Who knows, I might agree with them later :) We’ll see where it goes!

I have never owned a horse, but keep going back to them as subjects to paint. I am fascinated by the deep connection that many owners and trainers have with them. They are beautiful and majestic animals. Like the human figure, I enjoy painting them whether they are active or lying still.

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