Thursday, July 17, 2014

Still Life Painting Workshop

Still life study #1
 8" x 10"
(work in progress)

Still life study #2
12" x 12" (work in progress)

I took another desert detour and landed in Jacksonville, FL painting still life with professional oil painter, Qiang Huang and a great group of artists. The workshop came highly recommended by Janet McGrath, a portrait artist and dear friend, living in Central Florida.  Janet attended his class several years ago and it was something I’ve wanted to do ever since.
Here are the paintings I started on the first and second days. At this point, I consider them to be studies, because there are still issues relating to lighting, color, and edges. During the revision process, the advice I received will be very helpful in (hopefully) making improvements.
The information provided in these three days was incredible. Not to spoil the show, but Qiang covered many concepts, including still-life set up, design, studio lighting, palette colors, painting tools, oil paint properties, surfaces, and being a professional artist, etc. He explained his personal five-step painting approach, while performing live demonstrations and giving individual instructions. His ideas and methods not only apply to still life painting, but to rendering virtually any subject matter.
I try to attend a workshop every several years. It keeps the creativity flowing and I enjoy being a part of the discovery process, while working alongside other artists. The tips are valuable references for the future, whether it is experimenting with a different color, paint brush, or layering technique.
Watching videos is no comparison to receiving this type of onsite coaching and evaluation.
If you live near Jacksonville, Florida or are able to travel distance, take a look at the workshops offered at the Corse Gallery each year.  Eileen Corse, the gallery owner (and fabulous palette knife painter), hosts amazing artists from all over the U.S.  The lighting and atmosphere is most comfortable. This was the third workshop I have attended there and thoroughly enjoyed each experience!


  1. I enjoy watching how you use what you learn in the workshops in your future paintings. It is an adjusting/refining process that keeps you growing as an artist. I really like those still life set ups!

  2. Hi Vicki! I learned so much at Qiang's workshop that it will almost be like starting all over again! He has a careful thought process for still life arrangement and design. His painting demonstrations were amazing. We watched the objects come to life with precision brushwork.
    Qiang is a fantastic artist and instructor. He explains his methods in a very organized manner. I highly recommend this class to artists of all skill levels!
    For a more detailed class description, visit Diane Mannion's blog. She has written a fun and comprehensive article, recapping our three days of instruction.

  3. Was wonderful painting with you again at Qiang's workshop, Eve! Thank you for mentioning my article. I learned so much... will be trying out his still life techniques at the beach tomorrow with a plein air landscape study.

  4. Diane, it was such a treat to paint with you again, too! I look forward to seeing your future works evolve with all of the new information we received. Have fun at the beach... I will be cruising the produce section at Publix, lol!


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