Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Art Show Update

The response to our portrait show was simply amazing. Friends, family, and members of the community, young and old, arrived in droves. It was evidence that the creation and love of art touches many lives. The paintings will be hanging for another four weeks, so there is still an opportunity to see them in person.
Eve, Nika, Troid

(Nika's beautiful paintings behind us)
But we knew right off the canvas that it was going to be a fantastic night. Prior to show-time, we received a colorful surprise…

A “secret admirer,” whom we soon discovered was Troid’s husband, scheduled a timely arrival of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, along with three rose corsages. The message read, “To three talented ladies”.  What a way to begin!

Within the 2-hour time frame, questions and conversations about the artwork, our processes, and experiences filled the room. The positive energy was contagious.
And of all the special people who attended, one of Nika’s students made a huge impact on me. In his late eighties, Philip decided to learn painting for the first time in his life and had been receiving private lessons from Nika, for several years. He spoke about how much he enjoys creating art and still eagerly awaits her instruction at his home, several times a month. He explained, “Painting has opened my eyes. I observe the world differently now… in the colors around me, and through the light and the shadows. It’s wonderful.”  I could sense the true passion, in his words and expression.

When I asked about his current project, he replied, “It’s a collage. I think it’s a landscape, but I’m not sure.” We both laughed and agreed that his collage was a work in progress…

Philip was one of the last people to leave the show. As he walked slowly and cautiously to the exit door, with a cane to steady him on one side, and friend supporting the other, a thought crossed my mind… You’re never too old to learn something new; you’re never too old to motivate and inspire someone else.


  1. It is delightful to hear that the response to the show has been so positive! You look great Eve - very good picture.

  2. Thank you, Vicki! We enjoyed sharing the artwork and gained valuable feedback from our peers. Perhaps a new batch of artists will result from the show :)


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