Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stop, Drop, and Paint!

7"x5" Acrylics on Panel
Sold ~2014
Whenever I receive a request for a commissioned painting, I stop what I’m creating and try to meet the client’s needs as quickly as possible.  After all, I believe it takes a lot of thought and guts for someone to contact an artist for custom work, whether or not they know them.
So when an email for a custom dog portrait recently came through, I was thrilled to do the same and dropped my southwestern series to tend to the important business at hand.
The potential client first explained that she received three small original paintings done by me several years ago. They were given to her as a gift from one of my friends, here in town. (Great! She already knows my style).
I immediately recalled those 5”x7” paintings. They were images of this client’s cat and two dogs. My records indicate that was four years ago. (I am glad that I keep detailed account of my work, just for instances like this.)
(Sold) Maggie 7" x 5" ~ 2010
This new client asked if I would paint a dog portrait in the same size.  It would be a gift to her mother. Needless to say, I was touched and honored!
(Sold) Toby 7"x 5" ~ 2010
We discussed a few additional details via email, and then I got started.
When I received her approval of the final image, the package with Benji was mailed and on its way, in about two weeks from the initial contact. I attribute this rapid turnaround time to good team effort, with specific email communications, and a great reference photograph.
(Sold) Spunky Grey Poodle 7"x5" ~ 2010
There was yet another interesting bit of coincidence associated with this art transaction. As it turns out, this new client lives in the same small town as my grandmother! We agreed that we will try to meet each other, the next time I head north to Grandma’s house J
Art has a very long shelf life and a rather delightful way of bringing folks together :) 


  1. Benji is adorable and a wonderful story to go with him!

  2. Thank you, Vicki! It was a great surprise when I saw the mailing address. I hope her mother likes the painting.


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