Saturday, January 11, 2014

Navajo Loop Painting

16x12 Oil on Canvas
This is the final version of my Navajo Loop painting and the first for 2014. During this one day visit of Bryce Canyon, we completed a liberating hike from the Sunrise to Sunset Point. It was a trek of several miles, first descending into the canyon floor and then climbing upward between the hoodoos and stone staircase of the mountainside. The temperature was a perfect 98 degrees in July, but felt cooler than that, because there was little humidity as compared to Florida. This painting depicts a section at the top of the loop as you’re looking down at the narrowing passage of rocks, called Wall Street. Although fairly satisfied with this piece, it only serves as a tiny glimpse of the massive view that I recall in my mind.
In this southwestern series, I plan to attempt a larger and more scenic landscape painting, which would contain additional layers of distance, so you can see the sky and the canyon land in more equal portions. With the past two paintings, I have experimented with the colors and canvas types that I may use in the future rendition.  Since there is typically a bit of anticipation when tackling grander works, creating less complex works of similar style decreases this feeling and fosters a greater sense of familiarity. We shall see…

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