Monday, December 23, 2013

Work- In- Progress Painting

Work in Progress

This is the latest update on my first real rock climbing (painting) adventure. I have brightened the clouds in the sky and scaled most areas of the Navajo Loop, with still more work to be done.
The painting has now been placed on the mantel for another time out. The mantel is a great location, because I can view the work in progress, every time I walk in the room and from various distances. The evaluation stage is the slow and critical point of any painting. With smaller works, this phase tends to move faster, but I typically take extra time reviewing complex pieces, large or small. When working on custom art, the client becomes an essential part of this phase, which makes my job even easier, because their perception is all that really matters.

Now I will analyze those areas of this painting that don’t sit well with me, take the canvas back to the easel for changes, and then place it back on the mantel again. In this case, it might be a section of rock that appears too smooth, shadows too dark or light, or even the addition of clouds. This part of my process usually takes several weeks… back and forth.

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