Sunday, October 13, 2013

Snow Canyon Painting

16x12 Oil on Canvas
Original & Prints Available

Traditional painters can learn a lot about image appeal from skilled landscape photographers, especially when developing effective compositions. One valuable concept is the placement of the horizon line above or below the center of the canvas. By using this technique, you can easily draw attention to the land, sky, or foreground, and greatly skew the viewer’s experience.

With this painting of Snow Canyon, Utah, the horizon line is intentionally positioned across in the top third section, so the variety of the rocky desert formations becomes the focus. In the forefront, the wavy crevasses of the canyon base lead the eye back to the flatter land that lies below the mountain. The sky is a minimal portion of the painting, but plays an important role in defining the time of day and lack of dramatic shadows.
Enjoy this excellent four minute video by professional photographer, Bryan Peterson entitled, “Low Horizon or High Horizon” to see more examples.

                                                                   video used with permission                                                             

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