Saturday, September 28, 2013

Zion National Park Painting

24x36 Oil on canvas
Image reference : Carl Jackson

For someone who loves hiking and is not afraid of heights, Zion National Park would definitely be the place for you. The trails are well marked and in my opinion, the levels of intensity are stated with great accuracy. Admittedly, there were times where I found myself clinging to the side of a boulder with the higher level trails, reluctantly having to turn down the opportunity to see an Inspiration Point (there are several of them there). Even though I was not cut out for the more strenuous hikes, I gave some of them a try, and was glad that I did. The views up to those turning points gave me a greater appreciation for the photographs of the places I’d never have the guts to see for myself. There are many other lookouts along the roadsides to absorb the scenery, and easier hikes within the park that are absolutely majestic and ethereal in their own right.

This painting is from the archives and was completed in 2008, four years prior to my visiting Zion. As I am working on other paintings of the southwest, I thought it was only appropriate to bring this one out again. It was the reason for my interest in seeing the area in person. Pictures and paintings do not do it justice… the experience is everything.

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