Monday, June 24, 2013

Concluding a Painting

Water Lily Seekers
16x20 Oil on canvas

Well, here’s the final version. A lot of changes took place over the past week and this is what happened to several key elements.


First, the fish…

The orange guy didn’t have much flair, so I referred to my koi book and jazzed up his body with several white spots.
The female koi was rather bland as well, but adding a red fascinator on her forehead seemed to make sense. 
Next up, lily pads.

With the lily pads, I added pastel colors and a slightly ruffled edge. I made the upper left lily pads a little brighter in tone than the two on the right, to suggest a sense of close proximity to the light source.
Smetimes it's a matter of cruising around the canvas and making up the story as you go along ~

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