Monday, May 6, 2013

Painting White Birds

Sky High
8x10 Oil on Panel

The sky’s the limit when painting white subjects. It is like starting with a blank canvas and a multitude of possibilities.
The colors I selected for this Great White Egret were based upon their compatibility with the pale blue sky. The front portion of the bird’s body is highlighted with titanium white and cadmium yellow, while the back half transitions into shades of purple, burnt sienna, and blue, with a touch of black for the legs and feet. The idea was to simulate the bird flying in the direction of sun, and although the feathers consists of warm and cool colors, the mind still reads the subject as being white.
Mothering Instincts
30x24 Acrylic on Canvas
With this painting, I wanted the hatchlings to be the focal point. By selecting two bright colors for their bodies, they appear separate, yet similar in tone and vibrancy, as compared to the mother bird. The background is painted dark, increasing the overall contrast and intensity.
Every now and then, begin your palette without using black and white, and watch where the colors  take you ~

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