Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Color Palette Sourcebook

Petals of Strength
5x7 Oil on Panel

This single dogwood was a nice break from the more complex paintings I’ve been doing lately.  Even the process of color selection was enjoyable. I stumbled across a nifty little book entitled, Pattern + Palette Sourcebook  compiled by Anvil Graphic Design, Inc. for the inspiration. This guide is filled with designer patterns with harmonious color choices, showing five blocks of swatches on each page. With 950+ pattern variations, selecting only one was the challenge.

The palette I chose consists of two shades of orange, two purple, black, and green.  I placed the book near my easel and referred to the swatch as I painted.
Sometimes a combination of colors on a shirt, rug, or fabric will catch my eye and I will immediately think about a painting theme. It is often difficult to recall those tones later and photographing them in the moment isn’t normally an option. Perhaps this reference will trigger similar combinations, while initiating new ones.

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