Saturday, February 2, 2013

Painting Process and Lighting Conditions

Cayman Couple
36x24 Oil on Canvas
About the painting: This is a view from Seven Mile Beach at Grand Cayman, a remote Caribbean island. Condominiums and hotels line the beachfront property and face the magnificent crystal clear blue ocean. It is a prime destination for scuba divers.
You may recognize the 8x10 study (below) from an earlier post. As stated then, I hoped to create a larger version and finally got around to completing it. Last year, I intentionally avoided larger sized canvases, due to the time constraints I placed upon myself.

Condo Style
10x8 Oil on panel
I began painting “Cayman Couple” during the first week of January. The image evolved much differently than I had planned. Initially, I thought it would be best to paint the condominiums a bright red orangey color like the study. After adding the clouds, light blue seemed to make more sense.
I try to approach new paintings, although similar to their studies, with an open mind and incorporate details as they best suit each step. It really helps to review them at a distance, over the course of several days and at various stages.  Normally, I will place the work in progress on the mantel after each session, especially when creating larger pieces. That way, I can critique them each time I walk by and while watching TV. Much of the time, the painting is too dark or does not have enough contrast and will adjust it accordingly.
Another factor I consider is the indoor lighting.  Ambient or low lighting can change my perception of the piece, as compared to viewing it under fluorescent or natural light of the studio. I always gain great insight by viewing paintings in these various lighting scenarios. Additionally, it is important to note that the artwork will be displayed in someone’s home or office, under one of these three conditions.  After all, how many of us have studio lighting in the main areas of our homes?
Enjoy the process ~ Eve

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