Thursday, October 18, 2012

Alla Prima Painting Technique

Condo Style
10x8 Oil on Panel

This is the final version of the painting I started during last week’s workshop. I tried to maintain the randomness of the brush strokes and place more emphasis on the beach chairs, while working  again at my home studio. The bright green color selected the chairs seemed to fit, as either red or blue did not deliver the punch I was searching for. There are still some things I could change about it, but then it would not resemble what I learned in class.
I enjoy the speed of completing paintings in a day, using this alla prima method. It is easier to forego the details, yet still capture the excitement of an image. But I’ll have to admit, I kind of miss the rigidity in straight lines and definition seen in the buildings, as compared to my usual technique. Therefore, I will consider this painting a study, as I look forward to the next version, which will be larger in size and much different in painting style.

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