Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cayo Costa Painting

Serenity at Sea
16x12 Oil on canvas
Image reference: Capt. Brian Holaway

Several years ago, I realized my creativity is often affected by changing seasons. Not only will I use different colors according to my surroundings, but subject matter varies, as well. Now that summer is upon us, I am inspired to express the warmth that fills the air.  Beach scenes, sunsets, and tropical subjects are in the forefront of my mind. My palette includes more blue, tan, and green tones. The weather definitely has an influence on what I want to develop on canvas.

Art takes us to more places than we will ever visit in a lifetime ~

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The Dolphin SMART program awards tour operators who responsibly view wild dolphins without disrupting their natural behaviors and educates their patrons on dolphin conservation. In addition to educating adults and children about Southwest Florida’s natural habitat, Capt. Brian reveals the history and culture of Captiva and Cayo Costa, while identifying the multitude of seashells and species inhabiting these exclusive gulf shore locations. Learn while you explore!

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  1. Anonymous7/11/2012

    This is beautiful, now if I could just have this as a mural in my office... even better. I can almost hear a lapping of the water against the sand and if I'm real quiet I can hear the little clams popping and digging their way back into the safety of the sand...what a peaceful scene. Either you evoke a sense of calm, excitement or pure happiness, everything you seem to paint touches some sort of emotion... thank you for that! K

  2. Hi K,
    Thank you for commenting! I am currently working on a similar scene, hoping to recreate the soothing aspects of this image. You might hear even more clams with the next painting :)
    Take care ~Eve

  3. Thank you Eve for a wonderful work of art. Capt. Brian

  4. It was a joint effort, Capt. Brian! Thanks for sharing~ Eve


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