Monday, April 9, 2018

Colorado Waterfall Oil Painting

16x12 Oil on stretched canvas
Offered framed and ready-to-hang
Available at Etsy -click title
This is an oil painting of a waterfall at the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. There are many  views such as this, located off of the trails. It is a beautiful area and I highly recommend staying at Estes Park for convenient access. If you're there to hike the Rockies or drive along the iconic Trail Ridge Road, you will want to have an early start, (around 6am) to avoid the crowds.
One concept to remember when painting realistic and impressionistic landscapes is that everything has multiple colors .... trees have various shades of green, brown, and yellow. Rocks are not merely brown or gray. I kept noticing rustic red and purplish tones in the rocks. And the water in a waterfall reflects the surrounding area, objects underneath it and within the shadows. As artists, we can exaggerate these natural colors. Perhaps you'll start seeing them the next time you're in the area :) 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Lower Falls Painting

Impressions of Yellowstone
7"x5" Framed Acrylic on Panel

I decided to paint another small format landscape, which is similar to the 16x20 oil painting of Lower Falls that I did last year. It took over two hours to complete, layering acrylics. It's fun to watch the painting come together in a session. I also like to offer a different price points and paintings that can be placed in a grouping on a single wall.
Additionally, acrylics can be varnished the next day, so you can frame them when the varnish dries, which is normally within a few hours.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lake Mills Study

7"x5" Acrylic on Panel
Offered Framed / Available

I have been working on several small paintings as studies for larger ones and finishing them with wide frames. Painting studies is a great way to become familiar with the scene or subject before attempting a larger version. The small format also forces me to forgo the details that I would place on a larger surface and rely more on distinguishing values. Oddly enough, I find it harder to produce work in this size, although it takes less time.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Big Squeeze - Tool Tip for Artists

If you're an artist who uses tube squeezers to save paint and have been disappointed with the results of existing tools, this new product called "Big Squeeze" is the answer! With less than two years on the market, it is already receiving rave reviews. I purchased two of them and gave one to a fellow artist who said the same thing ... We LOVE it! Additionally, it can be used for squeezing tubes of lotion, sunscreen and toothpaste, but due to the toxic nature of some paints, I recommend setting one aside especially for your studio.

(Disclosure Statement) Eve Wheeler is receiving absolutely no compensation for this advertisement and has not been asked to do so. This post is purely for the benefit of potential customers and a recommendation like someone who would suggest a helpful product to a friend.

Here's the link to purchase >>

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